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Ostara Rising – Episode 2

Arawn cradled the tender flesh left exposed by Cailleach’s blade. His suspicions confirmed in the jagged wound that slowly healed. Only a primal deity who possessed the ancient powers could inflict such harm. Not once did she falter in her concealment. He studied her and learned her movements and habits for millennia, but she had tricks of… Continue reading Ostara Rising – Episode 2

Ainsley Elliott · Creativity · Entertainment · Fiction · Relationships · Short Story

Ostara Rising – Episode 1

The air wet with a gentle mist that wasn’t quite rain or snow covered the ground. In the soft darkness, the veil split. The night’s slumber disturbed with a cataclysmic flash of light where shadows receded and returned once more. A primal force rocked the land on its plates but didn’t scar the earth. In… Continue reading Ostara Rising – Episode 1