My Work

One way I find inspiration for the stories I write is genealogical research into my family history. The works below are inspired by different facets of my family history and heritage.


Is a short story based on the real life events of my grandfather when he was a boy in 1929. It is a coming of age tale of a boy who gets lost while riding the rails in the Southwestern desert from Texas to Arizona. His family is forced to pick up stakes, sell the family farm, and move to the arid climate of the Arizona desert. Along the way Wilburn gets lost, wanders into a Hobo Jungle, and befriends a band of Hobo brethren that vow to return him to his family.


Is a paranormal romantic thriller, and my debut novel.

To Bre MacAlpin, life is lovely. She attends college, has an active social life and a summer job working in her mother’s occult shop selling to Jekyll Island tourists. Her life is perfect until something extraordinary happens, and her world takes an abrupt left turn. Two cousins are murdered, and her picture-perfect island becomes a hunting ground. Bre and her family are the prey.

Special Agent Alex Makuredy arrives on the small Georgia island to investigate the ritualistic murders when he meets Bre. An indefinable attraction ignites between them that they refuse to succumb to.

But an ancient Celtic prophecy hurtles these two together as allies to battle a primeval force of evil. Bre, the guardian of the goddess and Alex, her destined mate, must come together before this killer completes the ritual. An act that would release the Unseelie horde from their entombment, unleashing an ancient evil on the world.