My Short Fiction

One way Ainsley finds inspiration for the stories she writes is genealogical research into her family history. The works below are inspired by different facets of her family history and heritage.


Hobo Willie is a coming of age story about a boy who gets lost riding the rails because his family is forced to pick up stakes and sell the family farm. Wilburn train hops with his brothers through the Southwestern desert from Texas to Arizona during the Great Depression. Along the way he wanders into a Hobo Jungle and meets a band of hobo brethren who join him on his journey to reunite with his family.


Ostara Rising is a re-imagined paranormal romance about the Celtic goddess Cailleach searching for love and winds up caught in a love triangle between a mortal Pictish king and the Unseelie King of the Tuatha De Danann.


Cover art

The Boozy Book Club is an Epistolary Military Women’s Fiction that follows the life of a milspouse as she navigates her new surroundings after the military moves her and her family to a new state and how she fumbles her way through meeting new friends in a base dynamic unlike any she’s ever encountered.