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The Boozy Book Club – Episode 2


December – A Week before Christmas

My flight arrives at the Atlanta International Airport on a Monday and true to form, my mother makes it in time to greet me at the gate. As I approach, I can see a huge neon green sign through the partition. She always makes sure her signs have enough pizazz to stand out in a crowd.

My arrival takes me back in time to Fort Riley and the on-post housing of my youth. Ellie would get us kids together, and we’d make welcome home signs for my dad to prepare for his return from deployment. One for each of us to take with us and a huge one to hang on the garage door. One year her sign said, Greatest Wife in the Universe Right Here Folks! Ours read Great-ish Kid with a number in our order of birth. The sign on the house had our neighbors laughing for a month. It said If the House is A-ROCKIN‘… finish reading Episode 2 at Coffee House Writers.

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