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Ostara Rising – Episode 1

The air wet with a gentle mist that wasn’t quite rain or snow covered the ground. In the soft darkness, the veil split. The night’s slumber disturbed with a cataclysmic flash of light where shadows receded and returned once more. A primal force rocked the land on its plates but didn’t scar the earth. In its wake, a blue-faced hag remained motionless and surveyed her surroundings. Her age was time itself. She closed her eyes and listened. The night gave off subtle sounds of tiny insects and the breeze through the trees, but nothing more. She knelt in the meadow, rubbed the glistening blood from her hands, and relished the feel of fresh grass beneath her feet. She rose and crept toward the loch, confident she wasn’t followed.

Arawn didn’t make her escape easy. After eons of loneliness, she sought to experience life as her creation did. She thought she’d found that in Arawn, but somehow he tricked her. She never sensed he was a god. The Unseelie… finish reading Episode 1 at Coffee House Writers.

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