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Ostara Rising – Episode 2

Ostara Rising2
Arawn cradled the tender flesh left exposed by Cailleach’s blade. His suspicions confirmed in the jagged wound that slowly healed. Only a primal deity who possessed the ancient powers could inflict such harm. Not once did she falter in her concealment. He studied her and learned her movements and habits for millennia, but she had tricks of her own. This whole time she’d disguised her true nature. Content in her obscurity while hidden as a lesser god in the guise of a lovely old hag. She must know he loves her in all her forms, so why did she run? His anguish was raw and pulsed through him like a beating heart.
Their powers combined, he would finally have enough strength to take down Aoibheal. That Seelie bitch queen would pay dearly for what she did, and then they could rule… finish reading Episode 2 at here.

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