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Ostara Rising – Episode 3

Vipoig’s kingdom was fortified and strong. Cailleach noticed over the last six lunar cycles how well his land and its people prospered under his protection. She admired how her king took care of his people and how they took care of him in return. The village flourished in this symbiotic relationship. The dwellings were a mixture of roundhouses built with stone and wood of varied sizes. The main house was the most substantial structure in the stronghold, boasting three stories and luxurious furnishings. They built fortifications to protect themselves against the Romans. The high walls and lookout towers rose above the beauty within the stone fortress. The gardens were her favorite place to spend time. She walked among the blooming flowers and lush vegetation every day.

Vipoig’s feelings for the goddess intensified the more time they spent together. Cailleach shared who she was and her desire to live and experience life as mortals do. He’d done his best to show her all that life with him had to offer. He gave her everything, even though he feared she’d decide one day… finish reading Episode 3 at Coffee House Writers.

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